Our Services

Liaison Global Partners ltd "LGP" is a leading independent provider of trust, corporate, administration and and cross-border transaction services to an exclusive global clientele of individuals, institutions, accounting and brokerage firms, trusts & trust companies, high net-worth individuals and their families, and individuals engaged in high-risk occupations.

Trust, professionalism, discretion and integrity. These are the core values that our clients have come to expect from their relationship with LGP; values that are the foundation of our success and which drives everything we do for our stakeholders, clients and their professional advisors.

A key goal of LGP is to assist its clients to strike the right balance between exploiting opportunities and protecting against personal and business risk which include constraint and uncertainty. So we can minimize risk either by eliminating constraints or by finding and reducing uncertainty. Constraint and uncertainty has many faces; regulatory and jurisdictional disputes, product and service liability, and threat of civil suit to name a few but all share a common end-result – attachment, confiscation or depletion of assets.

Wyoming...The Offshore Alternative

Wyoming's reputation for leading through innovation is one reason why the state of Wyoming has earned a well-deserved reputation as an excellent place to locate businesses and create estate plans.

In the United States, Wyoming has emerged as a first-class, reputable financial center with world-class company, trust and finance laws that rival offshore jurisdictions, but with much less scrutiny and tax compliance costs.

So LGP has a large focus on provisioning of solutions and services for a global clientele by providing a legal nexus with the state of Wyoming which must be established and maintained in order for clients to enjoy the many benefits and protections granted by Wyoming law which include:
  • No state tax (income, estate, capital gains, corporate or gift)
  • No tax on mineral ownership
  • No intangibles tax
  • Low property tax
  • Low insurance premium taxes (Wyoming: 75 basis points; Nevada: 175 bp, Delaware: 200 bp)
  • Fast and efficient court systems, which include access to Teton County, Wyoming judiciary and juries. Teton County, Wyoming is one of the wealthiest counties in the U.S. and the judiciary has vast experience in the issues of high net worth families and individuals.
  • Strong privacy laws, including LLC protections and no owner registration or disclosure requirements
  • Unregulated Private Family Trust Companies with NO minimum capitaliztion requirement

By utilizing the world-class statutes of Wyoming, LGP’s core business is setting up and managing companies, trusts and unregulated private trust companies, and other structures to meet the specific personal or business needs of our global clientele, which typically encompass growing wealth and assets in a reduced risk environment, wealth protection, and facilitating cross-border business and transactions including asset verification.

  • Registered Agent Service
  • Mail/Office Administration
  • Paymaster; Accounting-Disbursement Services
  • Real Estate Transaction Coordination
  • Wyoming Qualified Spendthrift Trusts and Wyoming Unregulated Private Trust Companies.
  • Limited Liability Companies "LLC's" and Corporations
  • Partnerships: Limited Liability Partnerships are often used in commercial transactions and we are experienced in providing services in relation to registered limited liability partnerships established under the law of Wyoming.
  • Broking Services: LGP has established a highly impressive track record for its customized brokerage services and cross-border asset verification and transaction management.
  • Commodity trading and venturing in private placement opportunities