Our Profile


LGP is an outward reflection of the many inward strengths and synergies that make up the evolution and consolidation of domestic and Caribbean and international ventures and holdings, colleagues and clients under LIAISON GLOBAL PARTNERS ltd. Lineage traces back to its founders beginnings in the Caribbean with BVI-based Mystic Group Limited and Aegis Group Limited in the 80's. 

The organization has grown continually from repatriation to the U.S. with the founding of Nevis-based SeaPort Ventures Limited, Infinity Communications Group Trust, and further expansion with LIAISON GLOBAL PARTNERS ltd. LGP operates on a global footprint with a presence in Amman, Jordan and Iraq.

LGP is a Limitless Company...All of Us Always Limitless!

Limitless Values
  •  Enthusiasm for the customer as 1st beneficiary. Client interests come first-always
  •  Acting with unyielding trust, professionalism, discretion and integrity
  •  Intolerance of bureaucracy…Respectfully
  •  Insisting on excellence without compromise
  •  Living infectiously in thought for finding a better way...
Continuous innovation requires the personal energy of everyone in the organization to create an atmosphere of Entrepreneurism by challenging the status quo, an entire team and global network of like-minded professionals with the ability to consistently Execute…people who share a common approach of unconventional thinking and creativity applied in new ways to achieve a particular underlying purpose and desired result, beyond expectations!"

"These values haven't changed since our journey began in the Caribbean over twenty-five + years ago and that's what makes us successful."

Goals | Strategy

LGP is a tightly-knit organization with a clear vision for the future. Our mission is to become a “World Class Producer and Distributor” of Global information, up-start technology and products, and strategic commodities, benchmarking ourselves against the highest international standards and best practices in terms of product offerings, service levels and technology.

Key strategic alliances and ventures gives the company a competitive advantage that is expected to help drive the company closer to its vision of becoming a global organization committed to achieving industry leadership in key industry segments in which it is focused.

The objective is to build sound customer franchises across distinct businesses so as to be a preferred source and to achieve a healthy growth in profitability, consistent with the company’s risk appetite. We are committed to do this while ensuring the highest levels of ethical standards and professional integrity. Our business strategy emphasizes the following commitment:

To further develop our Middle East market with a large focus on Iraq by following a disciplined growth strategy and delivering consistent, high quality customer service.

Our Middle East strategy is to focus support on our existing distribution channel in Amman, Jordan to penetrate neighboring markets. The Middle East is undergoing a period of rapid change and expansion which is an attractive growth initiative for LGP. The company believes this evolution process will be further hastened by the growth of the Middle East countries, their economies, expansion of the middle and upper-income classes, as well as increasing globalization. In addition to benefiting from this growth, the company believes that it can develop market share by following a disciplined, targeted strategy. The company will distinguish itself from by continuing to emphasize Western Hemisphere high quality control procedures, efficient and reliable logistics management, multiple and discerning distribution channels, and comprehensive product offerings at a good value to our customers.


The strategy of the entire team at LGP is to focus on industries that are likely to experience substantial growth and where value can be developed and enhanced by; developing products and technology; acquiring, exploiting and commercializing intellectual property; facilitating diverse trading opportunities; and investing in and building great companies through start-ups, reorganizations and/or consolidations.

We are passionate about our work and our success requires that we out-think and out-work our competitors and do so with strong subject matter expertise, guided by a set of principles that ensure we never forget what we stand for.
One Vision | One Mission

Our Vision of being No. 1 or No. 2 in everything we do is not merely an objective-it is a requirement and in so achieving, within five years this centered vision will position us with a unique portfolio that sets us apart from all others.

Our Mission is to deliver results that are 100 percent quantifiable, accurate and reliable, that consistently deliver attractive opportunities and returns on investments to a wide variety of stakeholders, by adhering to an ideology which include:
  •  Avoid using leverage that can put a financial strain on ventures;
  •  Avoid ventures and products that require a long pathway to value creation;
  •  Focus on value creation versus financial engineering

LGP can trace its roots through its founders life-journey...back to the the early 80's in the Capital City of the British Virgin Islands, Road Town, Tortola. It being the preferred jurisdiction for corporate and trust formation, financial privacy, security and wealth building in the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands became the epicenter for fiduciary operations of international companies and an ideal environment for warriors and traders like Aegis Group Limited which began as a civilian protection services company for government facilities.

By the mid 90's, Aegis rapidly diversified with the addition of Mystic Group Limited and grew to become a large provider of incorporation and trust services and diversification into Group 1 Marketing, Royal Armor and soft armor development and manufacturing, and automotive and marine operations in St. Thomas, USVI with Caribbean Nissan and Caribbean Auto and Marine Express Parts Ltd.

In 2000, after surviving Khost, Afghanistan and hurricanes Hugo and Marilyn, most Caribbean holdings were divested, and the founder repatriated to the U.S. and focused on opportunities and expanded interests in California, Puerto Rico and Belize. Operations included incorporation and trust structuring, retail development and telecommunications ventures in California and Puerto Rico, and intellectual property development. LGP consolidated remaining Caribbean-based interests and domestic ventures with administration operations relocated to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

LPG's construction and mining support services provided placement of experienced and properly insured heavy equipment operators to contractors, mines and quarries. An impromtu introduction  to a visiting Jordanian contractor by the Nevada Office of Economic Development, lead to initial placement of 17 operators which has swelled to 29, on overseas projects in Iraq and Kuwait. With parts and components in short supply and OEM prices at historical highs, replacement parts and  components and field repair services was a natural progression and a key growth component for the company with the addition of 7 fully equipped field service trucks and trained mechanics.